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Course Location & Timings


Dates: February & October

Timings: 1.30pm - 9pm

Address: 25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA

Telephone. 0116 2796906

Price: £135

Supper: Included


Course Timings


1.30pm-2pm Arrival + Refreshments

2pm-5pm Theory, Menus and settings

5pm-5.30pm Break

5.30 - 9pm Low-light Session:


DSLR Course Requirements


Digital SLR Camera

Extra lenses - optional

External flashgun - optional

Tripod and / or monopod

Fully charged battery and / or a spare

Empty memory card

Any other kit you need explaining

Coat & change of shoes if wet.


Please ensure you have a fully charged battery as we will be using your camera a lot and batteries do to tend to run out.For batteries and cards at huge discounts visit

Night Photography Course Sunday 16th Feb 2020- Spaces

Full MoodPlease note: This is a Level Two course so you need to attend one of our beginner's course first.

This very popular low-light and night time photography course will show you how to take pictures at night without using your flash. Your own tripod would be helpful but we do have a couple of spares if you prefer some advice before choosing one. The course starts at 2pm and ends about 9pm to 9.30pm. It includes a light supper.

This Night Course you will teach you how to photograph:

Milky Way

Night Photography Course Sunday 16th February 2020- Spaces

Midweek Private Tuition - 121 at £250 pp or 221 at £175 pp

The 121 and 221 sessions take place during the week, on a night to be arranged, and start between 4-5pm and run through until about 9-10pm depending on the sunset times. Despite being a slightly shorter course we cover the same topics but it takes less time as I don't have six students. Contact me if you prefer this option.

Night and Low Light Course
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121 Private Tuition £250 or 221 Tuition at £175 per person

The Night Photography Course is also available as a private tuition evening session during the week. This costs £250, as 121 Private Tuition Course, or at £175 for a 221 course - subject to availability. It runs from 4 to 9pm or 5pm to 10pm between January and March 2018

Paying by cheque

Kibworth Fireworks

Our preferred payment method is online by PayPal or Credit Card using the secure payment method above. We do understand that some people might like to pay by cheque in which case you can confirm a booking by email and we reserve a space for five days. You can download a course booking form here PDF / Word Cheques should be made out to Glen Tillyard and posted to:

Milky Way

Glen Tillyard
25 Westerby Lane
Smeeton Westerby
Leicestershire ,
Tel 0116 2796906


Paying by BACS transfer -
Contact us for details.

Book a DSLR Low Light & Night Photography Course

Low Light & Night Time Photography Session

Portrait by candleightThis session will deal with taking photographs indoors without flash and outside using just street lighting. We will take a portrait using only candle light and table lamps.

There will be a demonstration on taking great firework and scary Halloween pictures plus instructions on combining flash and low light together. We will also show you how to photograph car lighting trails plus pictures of buildings outside.


Who can attend?

This intensive course is aimed at students who have attended one of our previous beginners photography courses as we there is only a brief re-cap on the basic settings. If you have a good understanding of ISO settings along with the various aperture priority and shutter priority modes the you could attend. Please check with us if you have any concerns before booking.

Many photographers tend to use their camera on the full auto setting and want to learn how to get much better pictures from their new camera by using the other settings.

Old Swan at NightAll the courses start off with the absolute basics and progress, step by step, through to some of the more technical aspects. Each theoretical lesson is followed by a demonstration then a practical session.

At the end of the night photography session in Kibworth the images are put onto a PC for viewing, constructive criticism and there is a short photo editing tutorial.

What to look for in good tripod

Portrait and low ligh photography courseIdeally a good tripod should be sturdy, tall enough when extended but short when closed for ease of transportation. The sturdiest models tend to be heavy, but if you don't carry one with you it is pointless, so a fairly lightweight option is better. The very best ones are carbon fibre and silly prices.

Manfrotto TripodI personally like the Manfrotto or Giotto models but they are fairly expensive.

If you have a camera store nearby I would go and compare tripods for yourself. A good tripod will last a lifetime whereas the cheaper plastic models may only last a short time. My best advice is ensure you choose one with a metal head, and not plastic, as the first time you over tighten the grips you will probably hear a crack as the internal treads break. The tripod I have is over 30 years old and still going strong. We do have some spares of various shapes and sizes if you need to try before you buy. A good starting price would be something in the region of £50 plus.

Suggested Tripods from Wex Photographic

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminium Tripod with SBH-100 Ball Head at Wex £149

Manfrotto MK190XPRO4 Tripod + X-Pro 3-Way Head at £209 at Wex

You should also have a remote release. These come as either infra-red, wireless remotes or cable remotes and are available from your local camera store or on eBay from a few £££s.

Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

email - or call 0116 279 6906


Student Testimonials

A very good course as always with good background information. I also enjoyed the company of my fellow candidates. A very worthwhile course. Alison Ellis.

I do struggle a bit with the techy bits so I’ll need to practice a bit more before all this becomes instinctive. I’ve already booked my next course as I’m enjoying them so much. Thank you for your patience.
Kate Evans

Very Enjoyable. I’m not very technically minded but found Glen’s instructions very easy to follow. I’m still discovering new things about my camera and I didn’t feel embarrassed asking questions which might appear obvious to others. Margaret Rose

I learnt more than one thing, which is good, and I’m looking forward to my next course.
David Allen

A well paced course with a good mix of theory and practical. As always Glen inspires you to get out and shoot.
David Orme

I’ve had a great time on the night photography course and learnt loads of different techniques to get more interesting photos. I would recommend it to anyone. Vicky Wells

Great! I got what I hoped I would out of the course. Razan Abujaber

I really enjoyed it. I will definitely need to work on the things I’ve learned. Everything well explained in a clear and concise way. Would definitely try another course. Thanks.
Adam Wenmouth

Very good pace and Glen was prepared to re-cover items which may have been a stumbling block – Like ISO, Compensation and Exposure. Good practical exercises to put theory into practice. Lei Chan

Really enjoyed my day. Thanks for great tuition and I’ve learnt lots of new techniques today. I just need to practise now. Helen Bason

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the course this past weekend.  I found the training very valuable in confirming that the practices I’ve been following/doing were indeed correct and, of course, learning some new tips and methods for getting better photographs.  I’m definitely going to look to take further courses in the not too distant future. - Andy Nightingale

This course was so much fun. I look forward to the next one. Sara Young

Once again Glen has covered all I wanted to know. Now it's up to me to go out and practice. Jane Strachan

A great day of experimentation and real world practical sessions. Excellent. - Charles Goulding.  

Another excellent course. Had a brilliant time. Glen explained just what I needed to know and made everything easy to understand. Thank you very much. Bekki Holmes.

I'm an 18 year old student and I was worried about fitting in with the different age groups but everyone was very friendly and welcoming. This made me feel much more confident about taking photographs and I wasn't afraid to ask for any help. I loved my day and it was definitely worth flying over from Northern Ireland for the course.
Lydia Thomas

Another excellent day and evening. Good company, good food and good instructions.
Thank you .
Dave Burton

Once again a very informative and enjoyable experience where helpful and clear advice is disseminated in a friendly way. Thanks again. Mick Aldridge.

Fantastic Course! All of my questions were answered in a polite manner and I'm a lot happier using my camera now. Thanks Glen. - John Vella.