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May 2018 Newsletter
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Hi and welcome to the Digital Photography Courses monthly newsletter for May 2018.

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Jacq Portrait

Portrait Photography Course Sun 13th May 2018

During this photography course you will learn how to:

  • Set up a low cost Home Photography Studio
  • Shoot portraits outside without flash
  • Shoot portraits outside with fill in flash
  • Using reflectors with portraits
  • Shoot portraits indoors without flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors with flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors with off camera flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors using bounce flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors by window light
  • Shoot a moody low key portrait with a black background
  • Shoot a light high key portrait with a white background
  • Shoot a studio flash portrait with a white background
  • Shoot a studio flash portrait with a black background

The April project is “Blue”

After the great success of last month's "Yellow" project I'm going to stick with the colour theme and go for blue this month. Obvious ideas are bluebells and blue skies but as always try to think outside the box.

As always let you imagination run free and don’t forget to upload your images to the DPC Facebook Group. You could also upload to the 52 Week Project. See below.


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Find Us on Facebook.

If you haven't joined the DPC Facebook Group then you can still do so by following the links below. This is a closed group for DPC students only.

New course dates are announced first on the Facebook Group and sometimes sell out before they get into this newsletter. A good example is the Big Cat Course which sold out within 24 hours of being announced. Let me know if this is a course you would like to attend as I might try and add an extra date.

Join the Flickr 52 Week Project here.

Speedlight Flash Course on Sunday 1st July.

The speedlight flash course is for people that have a speedlight and would like to know how to get the best from it. This is useful for those who like to travel light. This course does include portrait photography, both indoors and outside, plus some creating lighting techniques and I’ll show you how I set up the Water Melon shot. You will require some method to fire the flash off camera but I can advise if required.

Studio Flash Portrait Course Sunday 2nd September

We also have a Studio Portrait Course on Sunday 2nd September 2018. Both courses cover portrait photography but the studio course uses various coloured backgrounds with mains powered studio flashes on light stands with softboxes and umbrellas. This day will show you how to get professional looking portrait in your own home. Everything is provided on the day and I'll make suggestions for kit a different price points.

Portrait Course

Bird and Landscape Course Sunday 22nd July 2018

This image was shot by Paul Rose on the Landscape and Bird Photography Course and everyone achieved their goal of getting a picture of a bird in flight.

This course also gives you some great hints and tips on how to compose a great landscape photograph.  Book online here -


Extra Macro Course Space on Sunday 12th August 2018


Flickr 52 Week Project for 2018
After the continued success of last years project we are running the group again this year. All you need to do is to take one picture each week throughout 2018 and post in the Flickr group.

Group Rules

1, Only DPC students are allowed to join so you need to have attended or booked a course.
2, Please include exif data to ensure photos are taken during the correct week
3, Post 1 photo per week - running from Monday to Sunday
4, You don't have to post every week as long as the photo is taken in the correct week
5, Maximum of 5 photo's per month catch-up allowed.
6, If you miss a week, please don't give up, but continue ASAP
7, Upload a link from the Facebook Group to your Flickr post

You can join the group here -

Some people have been able to join right away but others have had a message to say they need to be invited. If you do struggle to join just drop me an email and I'll invite you.

If you would like to see last years images for inspiration see here

We have an Intermediate Course on Sunday 29th July 2018

Anyone attending the Intermediate Course will require a a Polariser and a ND8 filter for the course. These can be purchased from Amazon at about £12-15 each or they are included in our exclusive DPC Filter Kit.

DPC Filter Kits now available

These kits were made especially for us so they are not available on eBay or Amazon.

They have been put together to cover a wide range of photography skills and they will be required for the Intermediate Course and the Filters for Landscape Photography Course.

If you were to buy these filters individually they would cost over £90 but they are now available from just £40 for the 52-62mm set or £50 for the 77-82mm set. I've also just added a 72mm set.

You can order your kits here -

New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force on 25th May 2018 and we are taking this opportunity to have a Spring clean.

The good news is we’ve have always aimed to be GDPR compliant and we would never pass on your details to anyone else or market to you inappropriately. We promise this as part of the introduction on every course. We only keep the data provided by you when you booked your course and do not store any financial details as these are all handled by PayPal or your bank.

Your email addresses are stored with iContact for the purpose of sending this monthly newsletter and nothing else. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Obviously, we would be delighted if you would like to continue to receive the Digital Photography Courses monthly newsletter but if not then please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

You can unsubscribe at any time in the future but you may not be able to re-subscribe again with the same email address.

If you are a photographer with clients then a very useful article was pasted on the Facebook group -
That’s the boring bit done and hopefully you are still subscribed.

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.

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