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Course Timings


9.30 -10am Arrival, coffee & biscuits 10.00am camera settings & theory

12.30 -1.00pm light lunch (included)

1pm-3pm Practical photography

3pm-4pm Review photographs

4pm-5pm Photo-editing Demonstration

5pm Questions & course feedback


DSLR Course Requirements


Digital SLR Camera

Extra lenses - optional

External flashgun - optional

Fully charged battery and/or a spare

Empty memory card

Any other kit you need explaining

change of shoes if wet.


Please ensure you have a fully charged battery as we will be using your camera a lot and batteries do to tend to run out.For batteries and cards at huge discounts visit


What are the benefits of Photoshop over Picasa?


The main advantage Photoshop has over Picasa is the ability to only change part of a picture or replace one element with another. For instance you can make the sky darker in Photoshop without changing the landscape area whereas in Picasa any changes affect the whole picture.


What's the difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements?


Photoshop Elements is the cut down amateur version of Photoshop. It costs about 20% of the price but probably has 70% of the features. For amateurs Elements will normally do the job.



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Lightroom Course on Sunday 24th March 2019-Book Below

Choose a Photoshop or Picasa Course
Laptop with Lightroom or Photoshop
Comments / LR or PS Versions

Which Version of Lightroom & Photoshop to get.

I believe the best package to get is the £9.98 PCM Photography package which includes

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You will require a laptop with Lightroom CC installed but we do carry a couple of spare laptops. This course also includes the option to icorporate a small amount of Photoshop work. This usually involves creating a logo to add to your exported images for that professional look.

Learning Outcomes and Topics Covered

  1. Understanding the Lightroom Interface
  2. How to Import images into Lightroom
  3. Navigating the Library Module
  4. Choosing and Rating your images
  5. Basic corrections in the Library Module
  6. Making adjustments in the Develop Module
  7. Retouching using the Spot Removal Brush
  8. Straightening, Cropping and Image Ratios
  9. Adding Copyright Information
  10. Exporting to a Folder with Various Presets
  11. Overview of the Map, Photo Book, Slideshow & Print Modules
  12. NEW! How to use the Nik Collection plug-in

The day starts with the Lightroom interface and how to import images, choosing & rating images, editing, cropping and exporting. You are welcome to bring some of your own images on a USB stick or SD Card but sample images will be provided.

Click Here for Photoshop Only Courses

Creative Editing and visualizing YOUR final image

An important thing about editing in Lightroom, or Photoshop, is not just to create an acceptable image but to create something which evokes an emotion.

For this reason we will be working with your images on the day so I can show you how to develop a style which will make your images pop.

We also run an Advanced Lightroom Course and a new follow on course focusing on Lightroom Plugins like the Nik Collections. Contact us for details.

What Is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a very powerful database driven photograph indexing and editing program. Think of it as Picasa on steroids for RAW Files.

It was designed as a workflow program to allow photographers work with various formats, but especially RAW files. It will also convert files to the Adobe DNG format.

Lightroom will: index, caption, search, edit, export to various file formats and distribute images in many formats including: slide shows, prints, Photobooks and DVDs or CDs It will also integrate with social media like Facebook and Flickr. Lightroom is not intended as a replacement for Photoshop It’s good for editing, lighting adjustments & minor retouching but does not work with layers so you cannot replace skies etc.

Is it worth upgrading to Lightroom CC? - YES!

So you have reached the end of your Lightroom Trial and the question is “ is it worth upgrading to LRCC?” Short answer - Yes!


LR3 to LR4 was a major upgrade, and well worth the update, but since then the extra features have been less important. The main improvements with LR6 are the abilities to do HDR and panoramas from within Lightroom plus face recognition has also been added. If you think you will use these features then it’s definitely worth moving up to Lightroom 6.

Adobe are claiming that LR6 runs quicker on some machines by using the graphic processor but I didn’t really notice any real difference. I haven’t done a scientific test but overall it feels like LR6 runs slower than previous versions.

If you do decide to upgrade then these are your options.

I know a lot of people are uncomfortable about renting software, me included, but if you tend to upgrade Lightroom every year then it will probably be as well to rent LR and effectively get £600 worth of Photoshop CC for free.

Personally, because I always need the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom for training purposes I’ll be taking out an annual subscription as it feels less like renting.

Why is Photoshop Different?

Photoshop TuitionPhotoshop & Elements Courses

The main difference between Lightroom and Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is Photoshops ability to work with layers.

Usually Lightroom and a copy of Photoshop Elements will be all you need.

These one day Photoshop group courses will suit anyone from the complete novice to the intermediate Photoshop or Lightroom user. The beginners courses are structured to worked with any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements although the screen may appear be slightly different with the various editions.

Course Outline
During the morning we will look at creating exhibition quality prints. This will include basic adjustments for colour and contrast followed by adding borders, cropping, sharpening and resizing images.

In the afternoon we encourage each person to bring a project they would like help with and if we have time I'll demonstrate some more advanced techniques.

Sample Lightroom Edits

LR Edit B4
Before Lightroom Edit

LR Edit After
After Lightroom Edit

Waves before LR Edit
Before Lightroom Edit

Waves After LR Edit
After Lightroom Edit

Do all pictures need editing in Lightroom?

I’m often asked “Do all pictures need editing in Photoshop or Lightroom?”. My answer - "No, but most shots could be enhanced by editing".

When I started my professional photography, career 30 years ago, I was dodging, burning and using different contrast grades of black and white photographic paper to change how the image looked. I could take the same images and process it in the darkroom in different ways to alter the feel of the image. I could print it darker for a moody, somber effect, or add extra contrast for a dramatic feel, or I could keep it light and airy. I really don't see why (within reason) that this is any different today by using Photoshop or some other editing software. Often the image you take doesn't convey the emotion you felt at the time so editing is a way to reconnect to the scene and hopefully a second chance to produce an image which recaptures those feelings.

Book a Lightroom or Photoshop 121 Tuition Course £325

Your own laptop with Photoshop installed would be useful be we do have spare laptops you can use. The beginners courses are primarily aimed at the Photoshop basics of:

All our Photoshop courses start off with the absolute basics and progress, step by step, through to some of the more technical aspects of the program. We only allow three students on any course so we can provide as much individual attention as possible. If it turns out one students has a greater knowledge than the others we can offer them extra more taxing projects. Any students will also be given password access to our growing library of online Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Private Tuition costs £325 - Monday - Friday. Please email or contact us on 0116 2796906 to book a date.

Screen Calibration

Question - I wanted some photos printed by an external company,how can I ensure the colours and density will be the same as what I see on a monitor?

The biggest issue is that the light we work in constantly changes so the relative brightness of our screen changes throughout the day.

On a bright day, with light streaming through a window, our screen image may look darker so the image brightness gets turned up and prints can come out too dark.
At night under orange-ish room lighting the screen will seem brighter so the image brightness gets turned down and prints can come out too dark.

On the computer you are also looking at a transmitted light screen compared to a reflected light print. Do you see the problem?

The only way to guarantee the correct screen colour and brightness, so you get correct prints every time, is to calibrate the screen with a calibration monitor. You can £100s of for these but two entry level models are:

X-Rite Colormunki Smile £79

Datacolor Spyder 5 Express £99

X-Rite ColorMunki Display £119

Student Testimonials

Glen was happy to answer even the most basic questions and even inpires people to take even better pictures. Jenny Bowden

I'm glad I attended this as a refresher as I had forgotten a lot. I'm glad I attended this as a refresher as I had forgotten a lot. I must now put it into practice. David O.

Thank you for today's Lightroom Course. I was amazed by the amount I learnt and I found your teaching technique very easy to follow and felt that no question was left unanswered. Thanks again, Geoff.

Brilliant course! I really enjoyed making dramatic change to photographs and knowing how to create a particular effect. Thanks Glen, I really learnt loads today. Helen Bason.

Glen is a very good tutor and helps greatly with carrying out all the tasks. Stuart Barnes.

An interesting subject expertly explained. I now feel much more confident in my ability to make worthwhile adjustments to my RAW images. Barry Mason.

I really enjoyed this course. It was very well presented with a good flow of information. Jason Shuttle

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Lightroom finally becomes simple to use. It has been great to learn how to use Lightroom properly in terms of editing but also the cataloguing and using collections. Paul Rose.

Brilliant course as always. Clear and concise teaching with good practical exercises. Krista Wale

Great course. I feel much more knowledgeable about Lightroom now. Jean Burridge.

Glen is a very good tutor and helps greatly with carrying out all the tasks.
Stuart Barnes

A brilliant course. I really enjoyed making dramatic changes to my photographs and knowing how to create particular effects. Thank you Glen. I really learnt a lot today. Helen Bason.

A dificult subject expertly explained. Barry Mason.

As always a full day packed with useful information which will help improve my photography. Thanks Glen. Shaun Wragg

The subject was presented in a easy to follow way and I also feel I’ve gained the confidence to experiment further with the software.
Leonard Metcalfe

Excellent course as usual. Lots of content but logically explained. Lynda Schlemmer.


I see now that that there is so me so much more than I was using in LR. Good course in such a supportive atmosphere.
Cat Thompson

Excellent course. Good info. Good rate of teaching. I like working through the examples to see how everything worked.
Christina Davey

Very useful courses as always. I’m looking forward to editing images now. Practice makes perfect.
Jane Allwright.

A really great day. I have so much more confident in the work flow of being able to take the images from the camera through the whole process right up to printing. Teresa Lardner – Photoshop Elements Course.

A very helpful course and I feel much more confident in finding my way around Photoshop Elements. I can’t wait to get home and try out my new found knowledge. Margaret Rose

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I wanted to learn the basics and improve a photograph by enhancing colours and doing a cut-out. This was an excellent relaxed Photoshop course where we were able to work at our own pace & cover the projects we wanted.


I wanted to know how to correct over exposed images and correct colour balance. Also improve portraits and landscapes. I have really enjoyed myself and learned so much in one day. I now feel confident to explore Photoshop in much more depth.

Having attending several course on digital photo editing using Photoshop covering the very basic to more sophisticated techniques I must stress complete satisfaction with Glen, the course content, and teaching methods used. I am now able to perform with much greater efficiency with some very good results. I have recommended these to several friends and would continue in the future. Best regards
Malcolm Wootton


A thoroughly enjoyable day with a good balance of theory followed by the practical session. I wanted to understand how to use the basic manual functions of the camera and I'm far more confident now that I will be able to capture the shot I'm after. -
Louise McHale 

A fantastic course and I've thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was a very, very well taught and explained course. I look forward to attending more courses in the future.

Marie Llewellyn. 

An excellent course which really showed me how to use my camera and improve my photography skills.

Melanie Alderson