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DSLR Course Requirements


DSLR Camera with Standard lens

Extra lenses - optional

External flashgun - optional

Fully charged battery and/or a spare

Empty memory card

Any other kit you need explaining

change of shoes if wet.


Please ensure you have a fully charged battery as we will be using your camera a lot and batteries do to tend to run out.For batteries and cards at huge discounts visit



We at Digital Photography Course are very proud of our training record and we will do everything possible on this course to help you to start earning money with your photography as soon as possible.


We must point out however that this is a photography course and not a franchise. We can make no claims for any future earnings or employment you may or may not gain as a result of this course. Joining this course means you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.


About the tutor


Photography courses by Glen Tillyard


My name is Glen Tillyard and I'm an award winning professional press photographer and trainer with over 30 years experience.


I now specialise in running photography courses helping novice photographers to get the very best from their digital camera by taking them off the full auto setting and showing them how to take exciting, creative photographs in just one day.


This is achieved using the Universal Zoom System which will improve your photography in five simple steps. You can see some of my pictures as the headers on this web site or better still take a look at some of the excellent photograph galleries of previous students.


I look forward to seeing you on one of our small and friendly courses very soon.

Regards, Glen


Five Day Advanced Photography Course £1500 (£1250 as a 221)

This course is only available to DPC students who have attended at least five group courses including: the Beginners, Intermediate and Portrait courses.

This private tuition course continues from where other group courses leave off and it includes more advanced versions of the Intermediate, Portrait, Flash, Lightroom & Photoshop courses as standard. The last day is reserved for a course to suit your specific requirements.

The Advanced Course differs from our Five Day Intensive which is intended for novices users and includes the basic Beginners and Intermediate Course.

Why Have I Introduced This Course?

I’ve had several students, who have done lots of our courses, contact me recently regarding the Three Month Professional Photography Course.

The main questions I get asked are:

If I’ve already done most of the group courses do I have to do them again if I do the 3 Month Pro Course?

Quick answer – Yes.

Is there a shorter, lower cost option for people who DON’T want to become a professional photographer but would like to take their photography to the next level. Maybe you’ve been asked to shoot a family portrait or you have agreed to photograph friend’s weddings?

Quick answer – also yes.

About The Professional Course

I understand that the pro course takes up a huge amount of time and is a major commitment, especially if you are in full time employment.

Everything about this course is designed to give you the skills to become a pro photographer. Not only does it show you how to use all the features of your camera but it gives you business and marketing advice to get you started in business. 

It also includes personal practical projects with critique and constructive feedback. I’m also a lot more critical with my pro students than I would be with someone on a normal 121 day.

The main difference though is that we aim to change your mindset from that of an amateur to that of someone who feels confident enough to charge for their work. This, after all, is what being a professional photographer is about.

A bonus of this course is that if you use your camera every day for three months, to cover all the personal assignment, it will become an extension of you so you can concentrate on the image rather than the camera.

If you think you cannot commit to the pro-course, but would like to work to a much higher standard, then we can offer the option of our new Five Day Advanced Photography Course.

About the Advanced Photography Course

This course is only available to DPC students who have attended at least five group courses including the Beginners, Intermediate and Portraitand Flash courses. This is because this course continues from where other group courses leave off.

The cost is £1500 for five advanced course days, which can be taken over five consecutive days, or as one day per week for five weeks. The five days in one week option is useful if you are travelling long distances or want to complete the course during a week’s holiday. The Advanced Courses must to be completed within three months to maintain momentum. No refunds are allowed.

 It is also available as a 221 option at £1250 per person providing both people attend the same courses at the same time. This is a useful option as the students can help each other with the portrait sessions and practice together.

If you want me be extra critical, as I would be with my pro-students, then just let me know when you enquire. You also have the option to include a business advice session with Jacqui, who is a qualified SVEDI business advisor.

Difference between the Advanced and 5 Day Intensive Courses

The Five Day Intensive which is intended for novices users and includes the basic Beginners and Intermediate Course.

The Advanced Course is limited to DPC students who have already attended several courses including the Beginners, Intermediate, Portrait and Flash courses

Suggested Advanced Photography Courses

  1. Intermediate Photography Course
  2. Portrait & Home Studio Photography Course
  3. Flash Photography Course
  4. Lightroom and Photoshop
  5. HDR & RAW

£325 Deposit Payment by PayPal or Credit Card

A £325 deposit secures your place with the balance of £1175 being payable in full before the course by Cash, BACS, cheque made out to Glen Tillyard and posted to 25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby. Leicestershire, LE8 0RA.

Brief comments or questions?

This course price includes lunch and refreshments but does not include accommodation. We can suggest quality affordable hotels or B&Bs locally if required.

Which Are The Best Photography Course For You?


Intermediate DSLR Course £325

This one to one training is aimed at photographers who want to go beyond the skills in the beginners camera course.

Macro Photography Course £325

Macro waspThis One Day Macro & Close-up Photography Course is suitable for the experienced novice or intermediate photographer .Ideally you will have attended one of our Beginners Photography Courses as a good understanding of the menus and various camera settings will be required.

Low Light & Night Photography Course £325

This combined low-light & Night photography course will show you how to take great shots indoors by candle light or at concerts, car light trails, writing with light, buildings at night , firework and Halloween pictures.

Home Studio Portrait Photography Course £325

Studio Portrait KitStudents are increasingly asking how to take portraits using studio flash with white or black backgrounds so we are adding this to the course itinerary. There will also be the chance to try out various professional flash techniques using bounced and direct flash. Your own dedicated flashgun with a bounce head and a tripod are really useful additions for this course.

HDR sunrise by Digital Camera CoursesRaw & HDR Photography Course £325

The best photography course if you like taking stunning landscape photographs or you have already attended our beginners course.

Creative Lighting Photography Course £325

The best photography course if you like taking photographs water splashes, smoke, bokah photography or want to better understand how light really works.

Product Photography Course from £399

The product photography course is aimed at businesses who need to take their own product photography shots for catalogues or web sites.

Pictures for Publication Photography Course £325

This is the best photography course if you need to take pictures for publication in newsletters, magazines or web-sites. It includes sample press assignments and caption writing. 

Photoshop Courses from £325

We offer Private Tuition One to One Photography & Photoshop courses . which are ideal if you prefer to specialise in a particular type of photography such as portraits or landscape photography

What Kit Will I Need?

See our camera buying guide for more details.

Snow PixChoosing the best lenses really comes down to what you want them for. If you are serious about your photography you need to be looking at wide aperture f2.8 and f4 lenses. These will allow you to take pictures in lower light conditions indoors without using flash.

Remember to choose the correct lens for the DX or FX format you are using. You can generally save about 30% of the cost of a Nikon or Canon lens by choosing a lens by Pro Series range from either Tamron or Sigma. As a staring point you will need something in the 18-50mm f2.8 range and a 70-200mm f2.8 or f4 telephoto zoom.


For some of the course you will need a separate flashgun with a bounce head. These cost about £350 each (Sorry, but photography is expensive which is why professional photographers need to charge a lot) and a couple of reflectors are useful.

This is a basic starter kit and once you have chosen your main camera, lenses and flashguns you will need a spare. I wouldn't dream of photographing a wedding or professional assignment without two cameras. Remember this is someone's special day and if your camera breaks down half way through the ceremony you could be in a fix.

See our camera buying guide for more details.


email - or call 0116 279 6906

Frequent Questions.

FAQ. Is this an O Level, A Level or Degree Course?

None of the above!
This Intensive photography course is not education authority accredited but you do receive a certificate at the end when you have completed all the assignments to my satisfaction & not until that point. My standards are high but if you fully commit then you will pass.

This is not an academic photography course, as in an O, A Level, or degree, but it is a 3 month intensive practical professional course aimed at giving you the skills required to produce professional images and start earning from your photography.

We do not look at the history of photography and you will not be asked to produce any essays. If you want a piece of paper saying you can write a thesis on 20th Century fashion photographers then I suggest you go to college or university for 2 or 3 years and then try and find someone to employ you. Considering most University students are being asked to pay £9,000 a year and many can not get a job when then leave I know which route I would take. Most pro photographers are freelance and self employed, which is why our course also includes business advice from a Sfedi Qualified Business Advisor. If you think about it people do not ask for qualifications when they choose a wedding or commercial photographer they simply choose them on personality and the standard of their work. We aim to get you to this standard. Everyone who has completed this course is already earning from their photography and I can put you in touch with them if required. See The course is fully booked until at least Feb 2012 but I am taking applications now for after that time. Acceptance on the course is not guaranteed as we will only take students who we believe will complete it successfully. It isn’t in the students interest to waste their time and money, or my time, unless they are going to commit 100%. The purpose of the induction day, which needs taking at least two weeks before your start date, is to establish your standard of photography and commitment. 

FAQ. Will I be able to set up as a wedding photographer after this course?

We do not run a dedicated Wedding Photography Course.

Wedding photography is a highly developed skill which involves a great deal of photographic knowledge and personality. It requires the ability to work quickly & unobtrusively but most of all it requires confidence & great people skills.

The wedding party will look to the photography to organise the groups and set up the pictures quickly, efficiently and creatively in whatever surroundings or weather conditions prevail. This expertise only comes from experience and good training.

To run a wedding photography course properly we would need to hire a venue, a bride and groom, a best man, a maid of honour, two sets of parents, bridesmaids and a page boy. Unless we had a dozen students this would be viable so it is for this reason we do not market this as a wedding photography course.

We strongly believe that you need to handle your camera with complete confidence before you should attempt wedding photography. The fully auto approach is fine on a nice sunny day outside but what happens if it rains and you have to shoot indoors? For a start the range of a built in flash is only about 3 metres so it’s unlikely to cover a large group shot indoors.

Once you feel totally confident in your camera handling abilities you should be able to tackle any situation as it arises. Our individually designed courses will allow you to tackle a wide range of subjects which in turn will allow you to tackle a variety of subjects.

Being more flexible has got to make you more versatile when it comes to finding customers and earning money from your photography.