The Universal Filter Kit from Digital Photography - CPL, ND8, ND64, Close-up +2, UV and Stepping Rings


Filter Kit for 52-58-62mm / 58-62-67mm / 72mm/ 77-82mm Lenses

The Filter Kits have arrived and can be purchased below

I’m constantly being asked to recommend filters for various courses so I decided to finally source my own set. I usually suggest buying filters from Amazon but some of their filters of variable quality and the sellers fluctuate so it's difficult to provide consistent links. Several students have suggested I should sell a filter kit and so that's what I've done.

The “DPC Filter Kit” consists of a UV, a Polariser, an ND8, an ND64 and a close up +2. To keep things simple I’m initially only buying these in a 62mm filter size, to suit my recommended Tamron18-270mm, but the cunning plan is to also include a 52-62mm stepping ring, for Nikon users, and a 58-62mm stepping ring, for Canon users. We also have a 82-77mm Kit.

Stepping Rings
Stepping Rings allow each filter to be used on a wide variety of lenses and save money in the long run by not having to buy multiple filter sizes. The UV filter is there for protection while the ND8 and Polariser is required for the Intermediate Course. The Close-up filter will help to prepare people for the Macro Course. The ND64 can also be used on the Intermediate Course and is a six stop filter which will allow you to get great pictures of flowing water. (See below for seaside example)

NEW! There is also a 58-67mm option, at £50, with the same filters as the 62mm kit, and a 67-62mm and 67-58mm stepping rings. This is useful for people with the new Tamron 16-300mm or any lenses with a 67mm filter thread.

There is a 72mm set which includes a 67mm stepping ring for use with the new Tamron 18-400mm lens or other lenses with a 72mm thread at £55

There is also a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses at £60 which contains all the same except the Close-up filter.

Posatge and Packing on all the kits is £3 or free if collecting.

Please Note: The 72mm and 82mm kits do not contain a Close-up filter.

OFilter Stack

This has prompted me to look at sourcing and bulk buying a good quality set of filters suitable for most courses.The trick is to buy a kit which will be suitable for students of all abilities plus lenses of various sizes. These filters will also be required for the Intermediate and Filters for Landscape Photography Courses.

We are dealing with one the the biggest suppliers of filters in China to bring you this set. I've looked at several price points from several different manufacturers and I have to say I think the products we've sourced represent excellent value for money.

DPC Filter Kits 52,58-62mm/58,62-67mm, 82-77mm, 72-67mm

DPC Filter Kit
How did you find out about the kit

Save Money with 58-62mm and 52-62mm Stepping Rings

To make this kit as useful as possible it includes two stepping rings. These are used to allow the 62mm filters to be used on 52mm filter thread Nikon lenses and 58mm filter thread Canon lenses as well as my recommended 62mm filter thread Tamron 18-270mm.

There is also a 72-67-62mm and a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses or some larger lenses at £55 & £60 which contains all the same filters except the Close-up. This is to keep the costs down as the larger steppings rings and close-up lens add a lot to the price.

If you were to buy this 62mm kit as individual quality filters from Amazon it would probably cost you about £112.

62mm UV Protection Filter 62mm £15
62mm Circular Polarising Filter £15
62mm ND8 Neutral Density Filter £15
62mm ND64 Neutral Density Filter £35
62mm +2 Close up Lens £15
52mm to 62mm Stepping Ring £4
55mm to 62mm Stepping Ring £4
58mm to 62mm Stepping Ring £4
Folding Wallet & Lens Cleaning Cloth £5
Free How to use Filters Tips Card £0
Approx total for similar quality individual filters £112


Stepping Rings

Stepping rings save you money as you only need to buy one 62mm set of filters for use on the majority of Nikon and Canon lenses. This means if you only have the standard 18-55mm lens you can use these filters with a stepping ring for now and still use the same filters if you choose to buy my recommended Tamron 18-270mm lens at a later date.

The filter kits have arrived and you can order your set below.

Here is a set of Graduated Filters you can add if would also like to attend the Filters for Landscape Photography Course  

62mm UV Protection Filter

Broken FilterEach of your lenses should have a good quality UV filter fitted to protect the front element of your lens. This wa proven last year when someone on the Facebook Group posted a picture of his broken filter. Imagine if that had been his lens.

Filters can vary a lot in price starting at about £3, for something of really quite poor quality, up to £60+ for a branded pro filter. I've done test with a £50 filter and a these quality filter on several lenses and haven't been able to see any worthwhile difference. It's like most things you buy I wouldn't choose the cheapest but I would always aim to choose a quality product.

There is also a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses at £50 which contains all the same filters except the Close-up.

62mm Polarising Filter

Polarising Filter

A Polarising Filter can improve your landscape photographs by making blue skies appear darker. This improves the contrast between the blue sky and white clouds so can make you landscapes look more dramatic.

They can also be used to remove glare are reflections from water or wet grass. This is a useful technique for allowing you to see fish etc below the surface of water.

They should rotate smoothly in their mount and their effect varies with the position of the sun. Rotate clockwise and be careful not to unscrew the filter and drop it.

There is also a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses at £50 which contains all the same filters except the Close-up.

62mm Neutral Density Filters ND8 and ND64

Neutral Density Filters are used to cut down the amount of light reaching the sensor to allow for slower shutter speeds. They come in different strengths fro an ND2 up to an ND1000, which is sometimes referred to as a Big Stopper.

An ND2 reduces the light by half which only equals 1 stop, and so is of little use. An ND4 equals 2 stops and an ND8 equal 3 stops. An ND64 reduces the light by 6 stops, an ND1000 by ten stops and they generally cost between £35 and £100.

This kit contains a good quality 3 stop ND8 and also a 6 stop ND64. These can be used independently to give you the choice of 3 stops or 6 stops or stacked together to give you a 9 stop reduction in light. Used together this will allow shutter speeds as slow as 30 seconds in bright sunlight which will enable you to get really good flowing water pictures of the sea.

Filter Course ND

Why the 6 Stop ND64 is such a bargain.

I’ve been able to go directly to the manufacturer I’ve been able to source the ND64 at a very competitive price as part of this set. You could easily pay £40 for this filter alone so £40 for the whole kit is a real bargain.

A good ND filter should reduce all colours equally, so not have a colour cast, and also accurately reduce the light by the correct number of stops. I’m pleased to say that these ND filters are very accurate indeed with just a slight magenta cast when using both filters together. This is normal and even the very expensive Lee Filters mention this in their literature. A quick colour correction in Picasa or Photoshop soon sorts this out

There is also a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses at £50 which contains all the same filters except the Close-up.

The 62mm Close up +2

This Close up +2 isn't intended as a replacement for a dedicated Macro lens but it will allow you to get good close ups of flowers, butterflies and bees while still offering good quality.

Close up statue

You can buy close up filters kits with four lenses in a pouch off eBay and Amazon, for quite a low price, but I have tested these and to be honest you won't use three of the lenses because: the +1 isn't powerful enough, the +4 loses too much quality at the edges and the +10 is about as good as the bottom of a milk bottle and should be thrown away.

I've checked the plus 2 close-up lens in this kit on the Tamron 18-270mm and it takes the minimum focus down from about two feet down to about a foot.

Close up Filter

A Close up +4s will focus nearer but these do lose quite a bit of quality, especially wide open. This lens isn’t intended as a replacement for a dedicated Macro lens but it is a low cost method of getting those close ups of flowers and insects.

Six Pocket Protection Wallet with Cleaning Cloth

The filters are supplied in a six pocket wallet with a laminated tips card explaining how to use each filter. The cost for the whole kit will be £40 but this compares favorably with buying them separately as a decent quality UV costs about £10,a Close-up lens about £10, a Polariser, ND8 and about £12 each and an ND64 about £40 each. The stepping rings, cleaning cloth and wallet would add about £5 so that’s a total of over £90. £40 has to be a bargain and it makes a great Christmas present.

Fither Wallet


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Student Testimonials

"This was an enjoyable, confidence boosting course which clearly explained how to use filters to capture moving water and clouds and make your landscapes more dramatic. Glen showed us how to create interest in the foreground and there was plenty of time for practice, questions and admiring the friendly deer!”

I have been on many of Glen’s courses as they have always been enjoyable and proved to be great value. Again I have learned valuable new skills that with improve my landscape photography, but have also enhanced my understand of the theory through easily explained practical advice. I highly recommend this course.
Marc Darling

This was a great days course and just what I was looking for.
Barry Gee

This day has ironed out and enhanced the Intermediate day perfectly. Robin Elms.

A thoroughly enjoyable course. Glen was a fantastic teacher and explain the concepts very well with great enthusiasm for the subject. I've come away with a much better understanding of the photography principles and I'm a lot more confident that I will be able to see & record better photographs rather than just snaps Excellent!

Richard Smith

My third course with Glen and I still continue to learn more about photography. Glen delivers easily understood tuition at the perfect pace. Highly recommended.

Marc Darling

I learnt loads. Great format with a friendly and helpful tutor. Definitely worth it. I'd love to come back and do further courses.

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A lot of information was given and all of it of a practical nature. The critique at the end was of a positive and encouraging nature. In a nutshell Glen is a very good teacher.

Stuart Adlington

Having been on one of Glen's other courses I knew I would get a lot from this nature photography course an I wasn't disappointed. I found it a brilliant vehicle in which to practice the skills i'd picked up earlier.

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I feel that I'm going away today with a much better understanding of my camera and an increased confidence in my pictures taking.

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An excellent wildlife photography course. Thank you very much.

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I wanted to know how to use the camera in manual mode & what settings to use in different situations. This is an excellent, course delivered with no pressure in a relaxed and informal environment.

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A brilliant day. Both enjoyable and fun.

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A fantastic day. I've learnt so much. Thank you Glen. I'll definitely be returning to do other courses as you explain everything in such a clear way. Really enjoyable. I really enjoyed the lunch too.

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