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Course Timings


9.30-9.45am Arrival, coffee & biscuits 9.45am Start camera settings & theory

12.30 -1.00pm light lunch (included)

1pm-3pm Practical photography

3pm-4pm Review photographs

4pm-4.30pm Photo-editing Demonstration

5pm Questions & course feedback


DSLR Course Requirements


Digital SLR Camera

Extra lenses - optional

External flashgun - optional

Fully charged battery and/or a spare

Empty memory card

Any other kit you need explaining

change of shoes if wet.


Please ensure you have a fully charged battery as we will be using your camera a lot and batteries do to tend to run out.For batteries and cards at huge discounts visit


I would like to buy a Digital SLR but I’m confused which one to buy.


Buying a digital SLR is an expensive commitment and it can be difficult to choose one. The main players are Canon and Nikon with Pentax, Sony and Olympus all offering good value alternatives.
If extra lenses are important then there are a greater choice of Canon and Nikon branded and compatible options from Tamron and Sigma.

A very popular camera at the moment is the Nikon D5000 because of it's adjustable LCD live view screen which makes low angle photography much easier. This coupled with the excellent 18-200mm VR wide range Nikon zoom, or one of the less expensive options from Tamron or Sigma, should keep most amateurs photographers happy for a very long time.

If you prefer a Canon camera then the EOS 500D is very well regarded. Whichever camera you opt for seriously consider one of the 18-200mm wide range zooms.


What's the difference between an SLR and a Compact Camera?


The most obvious difference visually is the size. Compact cameras, as the name suggests, are small and will usually fit into a pocket or handbag. Digital SLR's on the other hand are quite large and heavy by comparison.

The really benefit of a Digital SLR in the ability to change one lens for another. This allows you to fit a telephoto or longer zoom lens so you can take pictures of objects , maybe birds or small animal, from further away without them appearing as a dot on the picture. Most serious amateurs and professional photographers would use an SLR. If you only ever plan to take snapshots then buy a digital compact camera and keep it with you at all times.


I have an hybrid / Bridge Digital camera with an electronic viewfinder so can I attend a DSLR Course?


Technically these cameras are nearer to compact cameras than a Digital SLR as you cannot remove the lens. The similarity come from the fact that you do view the image directly through the lens via the electronic viewfinder. Bridge cameras tend to have a much smaller range of settings than a DSLR but you can attend the DSLR course on the understanding that some of the items mentioned may not apply to your camera.


Landscape & Bird Photography Course Sun 1st September 2019

The Landscape, Nature & Bird Photography Course takes place at the AWBC, Rutland Water, LE15 8BT

Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre,
Rutland Water. Egleton, Oakham, Rutland. LE15 8BT AWBC Website

This one day camera course focuses on bird, landscape and nature photography in the beautiful countryside of Rutland. It takes place at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre (AWBC) from 9.30am to 5pm and costs £135 per person including a free buffet lunch.

This course mainly concentrates on the techniques for bird photography with a practical outdoors session shooting from nearby hides. This does not include the Osprey hides. We will also be looking at the techniques and theory of landscape photography but any time spent shooting landscapes will be instead of photographing the birds.

This is a Level Two course so It's recommended that you have attended one of our beginner's photography course first. Past experience has shown that people enjoy this course far more if they already have a good grasp of the basics camera settings and menus.

This will enable you to concentrate on the main topics of the day without having to think so much about camera handling. If you have any questions please call us on 0116 279 6906 or email

Landscape & Bird Photography Course Sun 1st September 2019

Bird & Landscape Course
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Paying by BACS transfer - Contact us for details.

Geoff Griffiths

Book a Bird, Nature & Landscape Course -£135


AnneOur preferred payment method is online by PayPal or Credit Card using the secure payment method above. We do understand that some people might like to pay by cheque in which case you can confirm a booking by email and we reserve a space for five days.You can download a course booking form here PDF / Word

Cheques should be made out to Glen Tillyard and posted to:

Glen Tillyard
25 Westerby Lane
Smeeton Westerby
Tel 0116 279 6906

Camera Suitability

It's suitable for Digital SLR Cameras users with at least a 200mm lens or Bridge Camera users with at least a 10 x zoom lens. (see note below)

Di Norwood

These intensive courses will suit anyone from the complete novice to intermediate photographer. Many photographers tend to use their camera on the full auto setting and want to learn how to get much better pictures from their new camera by using the other settings.

Telephoto Lenses Search on Amazon

You will require at least a 200mm lens for this course but if you plan to do a lot of bird photography then you will require something longer.

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Photography Course Outline

All our camera courses start off with the absolute basics and progress, step by step, through to some of the more technical aspects. Each theoretical lesson is followed by a demonstration then a practical session.

At the end of the day the images are put onto a PC for viewing, constructive criticism and there is a short photo editing tutorial.

In focus LogoIf you require any binoculars, telescopes or camera accessories then these are available at the In-Focus shop at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre

During these courses you will learn: > Buy Now

Martin Allen

During the course you will learn how to photograph:

Suitability & What to Bring:

Important Note for Bridge Camera Users

This photography course is mainly aimed at Digital SLR camera users but it is also suitable for Bridge, Hybrid or Compact type cameras, with at least a 10x optical zoom lens. Some of the settings mentioned may not apply to bridge or compact cameras but you will still gain a lot of knowledge from the photography course. You just need to be aware that some of the more technical aspects that apply to DSLRs may not apply to your camera. If you are not sure which camera you have the see here or you are in any doubt then please call or email us.

Jim Worley

Nature Photography Course Timings:

Diane Barker

How is this course different from the Beginners Course?

It is recommended, but not essential, that you have attended our beginner's photography course first. Past experience has shown that people enjoy this course more if they already have a good grasp of the basics camera settings and menus. This will enable you to concentrate on the main topics of the day without having to think so much about camera handling.

Our normal beginner's photography course covers a much wider range of subjects and it is aimed at giving you a good understand of the basic camera controls and menus.

It covers the basics of several topics not included the the nature photography course, which concentrates on Landscape and Bird Photography. If you are a beginner who prefers to learn about a wide range of topics then you would be better on a Beginners DSLR course.

Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

email - or call 0116 279 6906

Student Testimonials

Excellent course and I ended up with much better pictures than I expected. Lynda Burton.

Excellent as always. A well explained and delivered course.
Alan Burton

Another great course. All of my questions were answered and there were plenty of opportunities to try both landscape and bird photography.
Jason Clark

Thoroughly enjoyable experience. Excellent Course with a good balance of theory and practical. Guy Caswell

A great day. Fantastic facilities and lovely landscapes too.
Helen Scott

Very enjoyable and productive. I hope to be able to put most of what I have learnt into practice. Very helpful. Carolyn Newton.

Unrushed and clearly explained. Excellent course. 10/10 and exactly what I wanted. Barry Mason

A few simple tips, very well explained and demonstrated, made a huge difference in improving my shots. Peter Watling.

Another brilliant course. I just need more practice. Lynda Schlemmer.

It takes me a while to practice any new skills before I feel confident but I’m really pleased with my results from today. Kate Evans

Very useful tips, especially for getting a bird in flight. My understanding of Hyper focal distance has also improved. Paul Rose

Lots of opportunities to photograph birds today and I got some good shots. I feel I understand the theory of landscape photography better and I’m looking forward to putting it into practice. Becky Porter.

Excellent, fun and easy way to learn a lot more about your camera's functionality and how to be more creative. It also proved that a Bridge Camera was a good place to start. I will certainly be looking at things differently in the future and aim to be more creative.
Carole Nash

A thoroughly enjoyable course. Glen was a fantastic teacher and explain the concepts very well with great enthusiasm for the subject. I've come away with a much better understanding of the photography principles and I'm a lot more confident that I will be able to see & record better photographs rather than just snaps Excellent!

Richard Smith

My third course with Glen and I still continue to learn more about photography. Glen delivers easily understood tuition at the perfect pace. Highly recommended.

Marc Darling

I learnt loads. Great format with a friendly and helpful tutor. Definitely worth it. I'd love to come back and do further courses.

Lepha McCartan

A lot of information was given and all of it of a practical nature. The critique at the end was of a positive and encouraging nature. In a nutshell Glen is a very good teacher.

Stuart Adlington

Having been on one of Glen's other courses I knew I would get a lot from this nature photography course an I wasn't disappointed. I found it a brilliant vehicle in which to practice the skills i'd picked up earlier.

Ian Pinion

Another very enjoyable course. The printed handouts are very helpful. Simon Kimber

Very enjoyable course. Well recommended. John Schofield

This is my second course with Glen and I've really learned at lot. I'm sure I will be joining another course in the not to distant future.
Roger Owen

Another excellent course Alan Dutton-Smith

Excellent explanation of all the relevant techniques which enabled me to get much better shots. I'm looking forward to practicing further. Another good course. Alan Shean.

Well presented theory with good close support during the practical sessions to maximise results. Tony Meakin.

Although I've been interested in photography for years I found this course very interesting, easy to follow, very helpful and very friendly. Thank you. Alun Lloyd

I definitely believe that there is more potential with both the camera and my photos. A good balance of refresher and new information in a very informal setting plus good food.
Cat Thompson

I feel that I'm going away today with a much better understanding of my camera and an increased confidence in my pictures taking.

Ian Price

A very enjoyable and confidence boosting photography course.

Deborah Hutchinson

I wanted to know how to take good photographs of wildlife and birds. This has been a really enjoyable photography course and I feel much more confident using the different settings now.

Amanda Horne